Selling KPOP albums, photocards, and pins!

Hi everyone! School is around the corner and I’m selling my kpop albums to raise money for school supplies and lab fees. My parents refuse to buy my books and supplies, so this was my solution ;;

I ship from Texas and if you are interested, please send me an email at koozyamy@gmail or message me through my line ID at wasseop! I don’t go on Tumblr often.

If interested, please state your location and I can estimate shipping and total price for you.





Chère Mamie “Be My Man” photobook set + poster for $63

* The Boyfriend & UBEAT album are signed! If both Overdose are bought together, photocards will be free of charge.


I repeat, take those layers off   ¬___¬


ok n

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illegally crossing hyukbin stopped by officer ken (run away!!)

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a new year, a new finger injury how the heck does he manage that???

bambam's msg to his mom

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